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Legitimate Writing Gig!

Work for Internet Research Associates

There are several sites that promise to find you a freelance writing job-for a fee. Let’s face it, I am a starving artist and can’t afford to pay a fee, I need a real writing job that will pay to do my research paper. I have tried several of the internet newsletters to find a freelance writing job and have even applied for a few of them. I can truly say that there are so many applicants out there, I don’t stand much of a chance to find freelance work. You see I have had 2 full years of college but no degree. I have never gotten a reply from any of the applications I have sent in for various freelance jobs. I have come to the conclusion that you need to have at least a Bachelors Degree to write for any of them.

I am a published novelist (The Gnome of Illusion,, can be found on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble), and I can actually write! I was beginning to think I would never find legitimate employment, when I stumbled upon an ad from IRA (Internet Research Associates). I contacted IRA by sending an email to and was asked for my qualifications as a writer and an original article from me about Google. To my surprise I was hired, and have been working for them since December of 06. I write when I want to and am not pressured to take any job I don’t want. I am given special assignments during the month and I usually accept them, but I am free to turn them down.

You are an independent contractor and are able to choose any job from the job board you would like to tackle. The payment ranges from $35 for a set of 10-500 word articles to $400 for an e-book. Payment is sent to your PayPal account. Most of the time you will be paid in a number of hours, the exception to this is when you submit an assignment on a weekend day. The client needs to see your work before he makes payment to IRA, and many of these businesses do not work on weekends.

IRA has incentive programs, and contests to bring in new writers. I find working for IRA challenging and rewarding. The incentive program is another way IRA has formulated to show how much the writers are appreciated. It is a points system, and you are rewarded just by writing for them, something you were doing anyway. The contest is great too, right now if someone were to join under me I would make an extra $5 per writer.

If this sounds interesting to you and you would like to work for IRA, you can send an e-mail to, with “I Want a Job” as the subject. In the body of the e-mail you write: “Hope G sent me and I want to work for IRA”.
Let me know how it goes for you!

I know there has been a bit written on IRA by someone who was not satisfied with IRA , This was because the person had too many errors in their writing. As writers we know if we do not submit good work, we will not be paid. As a client, would you accept work you paid for if it contained many errors? Of course you wouldn’t, and neither will the clients of IRA.

My advice to you is to see for yourself how great IRA is. If you want to work for an honest internet company, join IRA. I don’t think you will be sorry.

Post by researchpapertips (2016-12-06 09:53)

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Post by researchpapertips (2016-12-06 07:38)

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